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Bighorn County West Calgary, from the border of Cochrane (Ice cream barley) to Canmore and Banff. The land in this place is mostly in mountains and forests, with mountains and water, which is ideal for recreational business development. Summer cabin, etc. The small village of Harvie Heights, Deadman's Flat, Curved Lake and Exshaw, and the settlement of Kananaskis are located in the Bow River Valley. The area is dominated by the Bow River and has major east-west transportation corridors. These include the Trans-Canada Highway and CP Railway, as well as gas and power lines. Important high-quality limestone, shale, and sandstone formations are mined and processed into cement and lime products. Magnesite is also processed in the arched corridor. These products are important regionally and nationally. In addition, TransAlta operates important hydropower facilities.

The local wildlife bow gallery watershed is an important location for fish spawning, 
bird migration, wildlife habitat and active corridors of many species found in the front of
the Rocky Mountains. The area is the link between Kananaskis Country and Banff National
Park. The area is not only a gateway to major leisure and tourist attractions, but also rich
in resources. The ranch is mainly composed of open pastures and ranches, and dense forest
terrain. It also contains significant natural gas reserves, associated collection and
processing facilities, and some guest ranches. Benchlands is the only Hamlet in Ranchlands. The quality of life of the inhabitants is linked to health, the countryside, the natural
environment and robustness.
Foothills County is a rural municipality located near and south of Calgary.
Piedmont County is located on the sunny foothills of southern Alberta.
It covers an area of ​​approximately 3,600 square kilometers and is surrounded by
the towns of Okotoks, the High River, the Tuner Valley and the Black Dimond, Longview
and the Eden Valley. Valley Indian Reservation. Population: According to the 2016 census,
22,766 people live in Shanlu County. Piedmont County provides many services directly or in
conjunction with other municipalities to Hamlet residents of rural areas and Aldersyde,
Blackie, Cayley, De Winton, Hartell, Heritage Pointe, Millarville, Naptha, Priddis and Priddis
Greens. These services include general affairs management, road construction and
maintenance, fire protection, ambulance services, waste disposal, planning and
development management, agricultural services, recreation and parks, home and
community support services, and enforcement of regulations. Water services are
provided in the small villages of Aldersyde, Blackie and Cayley, and wastewater services
are provided in the small villages of Blackie and Cayley. Shanlu County staff is responsible
for the management of the Shanlu District Committee.
Rockyview County Rockyview covers a vast area. The east, north, and west of the city are
tightly wrapped by Rockyview, and Foothills County to the south. Whether Rockyview,
foothills or Wheatland county are flat, plus abundant water, it is very suitable for farming
and animal husbandry. development of.
Vulcan The Canadian government introduced Act C-45, the Cannabis Act, to legalize
recreational marijuana in Canada. Marijuana came into effect on October 17, 2018.
Vulcan County complies with Alberta's standards for regulating cannabis consumption.
Alberta's Cannabis Framework is available here. We will continue to monitor activities
in the county and interact with the public on everything from cannabis production to sales
to consumption.
Wheatland County has 8,788 residents. The county borders Rocky View County to the west,
Vulcan County and Siksika Nation to the south, and Newell County to the east and special
Area 2 borders Special Areas 2 and to the north borders Kneehill County and the town of
Drumheller. The natural beauty of the prairie is found in all areas of Whitland County. From
the gold fields near the standard to the northeast wasteland to the tranquility of the
Bow River near Karlsland. Wheatland is an ideal combination of rural and urban lifestyles,
adjacent to Calgary, the fastest growing city in Canada's most active province.
The continued growth and development of agribusiness, oil and gas, and manufacturing
industries will increase entrepreneurial prospects.


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